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Jan 30, 2019 HideIPVPN Review 2018 | HideIPVPN Trial and Premium review HideIPVPN, like most OpenVPN services, uses RSA encryption to protect data encryption key distribution. This is a public key cipher where the encryption key and the decryption key are different. RSA needs a much longer key. The best VPNs use a 4096-bit key. HideIPVPN uses this length of RSA key for its SoftEther implementation. HideIpVPN Review - VPN Service Providers HideIPVPN US speed test – after connecting to a VPN server in California using the Windows client we tested our Internet speed and found it to be 13.29 Mbps download and 3.60 Mbps upstream. HideIPVPN UK speed test – after connecting to the London VPN server via the Windows client we tested our Internet speed again and found it to be 5.39 HideIPVPN Review | VpnFighter | Best VPN Reviews

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Is it legal to use VPN? - HideIPVPN services VPN is legal democratic – and some not so much – countries we know. So, if you live in Europe, USA, Russia, China, Australia, Canada and so on. The answer is YES – VPN is legal, it is legal to use VPN. Even – we mentioned them above – in the likes of Russia, Belarus, or China it is OK to use VPN. HideIPVPN Review | PCMag Sep 20, 2019

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